Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Half Birthday, Chloe!

]I can NOT believe that our sweet baby girl is six months old. She is such a princess and the sweetest, most perfectly delicious baby on the face of the planet. We are so blessed to have such a sassy little girl. She truly is brilliant and a joy to watch every second. She has so much personality that I can not even imagine what she will be like when she gets a bit older. We had our 6 month check up and these were her "stats":
weight- 17.9 lbs- - - oh, yeah baby! we got us a lil' piglet! That is the 75%-90% range
length- 27 inches-- - we are fairly certain she will be a supermodel! 90 % range
She can sit up by herself and can roll any which way she pleases. We now call her GI Jane, as she has decided she can army crawl wherever she pleases now as well. Every once in a while we catch her on her knees doing the rocking thing, but no "true" crawling just yet- - heaven help us! I will have to become a MUCH better housekeeper. My dust elephants can be no more! :)
She loves to jump in her jumparoo, swim, take baths, and be out on the boat. She likes to sing opera and has discovered many different ranges and pitches of her sweet voice. She has loved all of the "big girl" solids we've given her so far. The kiddo loves to eat! She especially loves her sweet potatoes, sweet peas, bananas, and pears. I also gave her a teeny, tiny bite of Krispy Kreme on her half birthday and she was quite a fan! She has 1 tooth so far and chews on anything and everything she can drag into her mouth!She loves her mommy and her daddy- - we love her too! She is a happy, happy girl that is adored by all that encounter her beauty and charm! Smitten- yes, just a touch!

Happy girl! Loves to bounce!
She bounced, bounced, bounced til she just couldn't bounce no more!


Sarah Jayne said...

What a precious girl!! 6 months?! She's beautiful. Good work! (and thanks for updating!! yay!)

Candice said...

I'm so glad Logan has such a cute girlfriend! She is just so precious!

Wendy Jensen said...

She is just delightful Amy!